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Jack Norton Fishing

Jack Norton Chopping & Serving Board

Jack Norton Chopping & Serving Board

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Introducing the exquisite Handmade Rustic Chopping  / Serving Board, it's a great addition to the carravan or camping gear, prepare the days catch or serving a snack, It's a great way of adding a beautiful rustic charm to your meal presentation.
Elevate your dining experience by infusing a touch of captivating rustic charm into your meal presentation.

Wooden serving boards combine a delightfully natural look with strong and rigid construction which makes them hugely popular, crafted with care, these wooden serving boards seamlessly blend a naturally captivating appearance with sturdy and robust construction. The result? A timeless piece that perfectly complements the rugged beauty of the great outdoors.

Rustic metal handles, makes it easy if you want to give it a quick rinse on the river bank, It's more than just a board; it's an embodiment of practicality, style, and the joy of embracing nature's authenticity.

Length 500mm
Width 250mm
Depth 15mm

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