Tool Maintenance


How to care for your Jack Norton products.

Jack Norton products are manufactured using high-grade materials and components, but like any good product you need to maintain them. Maintenance cleaning and caring for your tools is important and this will extend their life and give you many more years of untroubled use.

After use remove any debris, rinse in water and dry, these basic cleaning steps are the best way to get a extended lifespan of your product, if they are exposed to salt water these steps should be adhered to and completed after each use.

If your product requires lubrication a light machine oil can be used, we also recommend white lithium grease or CRC 3.36, it is highly water-resistant and is ideal for long-term lubrication where the prevention of water ingress is required.

Stainless steel is not rust proof it is corrosion resistant so you may get some surface rust on your stainless-steel tools, we recommend keeping them away from moisture during long periods of storage and after cleaning wipe dry with a cloth or blow dry with compressed air.

 Best Practices  

  • Exposed to salt water - Rinse thoroughly with clean water, dry, lubricate as described above with a water repelling product. 
  • Dirt and debris - Wash in a bucket of mild soapy water, rinse in fresh clean water and dry, lubricate as required.