Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is a when a the laser beam impinges upon your chosen material. This exposes it to a great deal of rapidly increasing heat.

Depending on the exposure time, the colour of the material will either change and create a distinct contrast, or completely evaporate/burn. The resulting mark will be permanent and abrasion resistant. 

Please note that on display products it may show white or gray text this is for demonstration purposes only.

We do not accept returns on items that have been lasered, if you change your mind about the product, once its lasered it's yours.

Please carefully check your spelling, check for capital letters placement, check any dates or numerals DOUBLE CHECK YOUR TEXT we take no responsibility if you make a mistake, we laser directly what you write.

We do not recommend inserting Emoji's into the text field when personalising and item for laser engraving, should you choose to add an emoji we will try and match the chosen emoji but can not guarantee it will be identical.

Exceptions, we may insert capital letters on names at our discretion.

If we make a mistake we will resend another product with the correction on receiving the incorrect one being sent back to PO Box 2385 Mildura, Victoria, Australia