About Jack Norton

The Jack Norton Story. 

Born in 1940 in a small country town in Victoria, Australia. Jack was a man who was gifted with his hands and could repair almost any piece of equipment, he was purely self-taught and never held any degrees.

Dad opened a small workshop where he spent most of his time fixing washing machines, bicycles, radios, lawn mowers and other pieces of equipment.

Locals were his best customers bringing him non-working household items that required his special touch. Dad said this was the reward of owning a small business in a small country town that relied on friendly relationships.

He loved his fishing and would always tinker in his spare time making his own lures, he mainly made them from wood, he would adjust the weights until he got the buoyancy just right.

One summer day whilst fishing on the Murray River he wasn’t getting any bites, with a beer in one hand and his fishing rod in the other hand he had settled into a relaxed state he called “the zone”, where he would feel completely relaxed, daydreaming of the next big catch. Dad used to say “a bomb could go off next to him and he wouldn’t hear it”.

It was on this day he removed a piece of silver and orange foil from his cigarette packet and wrapped it around his lure, he then cast it into the river and within a few minutes he had his first bite, he couldn’t believe his luck.

Over the next 40 years Dad designed and manufactured numerous types of fishing lures and many other fishing tools.

Dad would often ask anglers if they liked his lures, he always thought to himself it doesn’t really matter if they like them, it’s the fish that must crave them and find them irresistible.

Dad always thought everyone should be able to enjoy "the zone" when fishing, and truly believed that taking some time out relaxing and catching fish will enhance life and inspire you to be more.

Brooke Norton
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