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Jack Norton Fishing

Personalise Friends Fishing Together

Personalise Friends Fishing Together

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Australia's Biggest Camping Mug 

What makes this a really great gift for any fisherman is the personalised feature that allows you to engrave any name or message you would like.

Have some fun and get creative; there are different scenes to choose from.

Made from food-grade stainless steel (not tin), it's sure to see many fishing and camping expeditions.

Painted in high-gloss orange, it features a rounded lip for a more pleasant feel when drinking.

The BIG ORANGE MUG holds a massive 550 ml of your favorite soup, camp oven stew, coffee, or beer.

  • Filled to the top, it holds 600 ml.
  • Food-grade stainless steel
  • Our mug is 550 ml, the average mug is 250 ml.
  • Get more mugs for your money.
  • Great for camping, soups, stews, and beverages.

Note: For laser engraving

  • By using the PERSONALIZE IT button, you can make it a one-of-a-kind gift that is less likely to be stolen. Choose a typeface and font size, as well as a name, and we will laser it onto your mug.
  • Please do not write your content in the note section, as it will not be laser-engraved!
  • If you buy more than one mug, you must fill in the names for each one.
  • If you order two mugs but only enter one name, we will give you one with a name and one without.
  • If you order a mug but do not click the engraving option, we will send you one with no name.
  • We will make every effort to match the font size and position, but depending on font selection, we may have to alter text larger or lower; please allow for a 1-2 ml placement fluctuation.
  • Please double-check your spelling, capital letter placement, and any dates or digits. We accept no responsibility if you make a mistake, and we will directly read what you write. With a few exceptions, we reserve the right to capitalise names at our discretion.(Please check your text.).

Hand wash only; do not soak.
Do not use abrasive soaps or cleaners.
Not suitable for microwave use.
Do not heat food or beverages directly in the mug.

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