Should I Get My Name Engraved On My Fishing Tools? Police Say Yes!!

Should I Get My Name Engraved On My Fishing Tools? Police Say Yes!!

Have Your Tools Been Stolen?

Construction is not the only business that thieves like to target when it comes to the theft of tools, fishing equipment including the humble Aussie tinny are fast becomming an increasing easy target.

In early 2018, police became aware of an escalating criminal pattern with considerable development associated with fishing-related crime, thefts from boats, utes, and vehicles left unattended on river banks.

A frightening recent event in occurred when a 55-year-old recreational fisherman was attacked before his ute, boat, and fishing tools were stolen. At 7.30 p.m., at dusk on a secluded stretch of river, the man was attacked and all hes equopiment stolen, he was found several hours later in a distressed state and lucky to have not received any further injuries, according to police. Police said they deal with a lot of tool insurance claims, but this is the first time we've heard of anything like this.

Whilst this is an extreme case and there's not much you can do to stop this type of attack, Police did talk about other things you can do to help prevent tool theft.

Keep your fishing tools out of sight.

Many fisherman keep their tools in their boats, which are parked in the driveway and visible to everyone, if you can palce all your gear into a lockable shed, this is your number one defence. Bolt cutters can readily cut through most chains and padlocks, therefore it's worth investing in quality locks that can't be broken so simply.

Have your tools name engraved.

Engraving your tools won’t stop them from being stolen, but it will improve your chances of getting your gear back if the police recover them. The police recommend engraving your name onto your tools, as this is the easiest way for the police to find you.

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